Updated Monday June 18, 2018 by Dan Stewart.

The Georgia Dixie Softball State Tournaments for all age divisions will be hosted by CRAWFORD COUNTY. Their ball fields are in Roberta, Georgia and have been recently upgraded and are very nice. The address is 270 Hortman Mill Rd.. Roberta, Georgia 31078. This will be the first time that Crawford County has hosted a state tournament and I am very excited to have them step forward and host this year's tournaments. I know that they will do a fantastic job serving as hosts. The contact individual is Doug Kelley (478-836-9999).

The dates for the tournaments will be Friday June 22- Monday June 25th. Hopefully most of the tournament will be completed by that Sunday but some will not be finished until that Monday depending on such factors as size of the field and weather. 

Roberta does not have any motels but there are a number of motels available in Macon - approximately 19 miles to the east. I will have more information regarding location, travel instructions, specific motel information and information about recreational opportunities nearby in the near future. 


The World Series - all nine age divisions will be hosted by Alexandria,Louisiana and the date to report will be Friday the 27th of July 2018. 

Brackets for Georgia State Tournament are attached:


GaAngelsBracket2018a (1).xlsx
Georgia Belles Bracket 2018
GAPTTradBracket2018a (1).xlsx
GASweeTeesBracket2018a (2).xlsx